challenge 4: review

The third installment of our annual Team Driver competition

challenge 4: review

Postby joshsmith512 » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:17 pm

ok ladies and gents it time to upgrade that thing you call a servo winch you built when you first got started. I know if your as cheap as I am you used a sewing bobbin and a hardware hook "thumbsup" .
which is fine for just getting started but you have worked up the ranks and find yourself sitting on the podium at your local scale comps and g6's. time to make that beast you drive a little more scale looking with some fine lurc bling. first you need to get the right hogs head servo drum according to what servo you used to build your winch, airtronics and jr 23t-, hitec 645 24t , hitec 24t, futaba, savox and solar 25t. now to pick up a indestructible winch hook, and don't forget the winch saver, and finally 200lb for me works best for amount on the drum and strength. 200lb will allow up to 16 feet for those tricky pulls through the cage work to avoid that cone you are about to hit :shock: - so here is the beast you now have

and now your ready for vertical pulls for that impossible bonus line that sam63 the national champ thinks we should be able to do lol, all thanks to lurc "thumbsup"

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