challenge 3: tips and tricks

The third installment of our annual Team Driver competition

challenge 3: tips and tricks

Postby joshsmith512 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:32 am

today I have a couple of tips and tricks for you. they are both pretty easy and will come in handy for changing looks and tooling.

1. so have you ever received a set of wheels or chassis that has been scaled out with scale bolts and didn't receive a tool for the bolts, I have. simple trick is to take a broken allen driver, I know we all have a few laying around that you havnt replaced the tip on ( lurc sell nice tips "thumbsup" ). step one is to find a bolt that the hex on the bolt fits the scale hardware- for example this 2.5 headed bolt fits this scale bolt perfect
then I use a 6 inch bench grinder to machine down the threads so they will fit in my donor allen driver handle, also a little grinding on the head of the bolt to allow fitment in tight spots like wheels.
put the new tip in the driver handle and presto you now have a scale bolt driver.

2. getting tired of the same look on your current body? well I have the answer to that with this quick and easy tip. plain jane body seen here
first get yourself some .040 styrene at your lhs (I prefer black as you don't have to paint or use white if you are going to paint). then map out some rock armor panels for your body. don't mind the holes they will be the next step.

next step with a sharpie and ruler mark on the inside of the styrene your hole placement. I did the easy 3 line version on sectioning it, so basically get your middle line then measure equal amounts on either side of middle line and mark. I then went 3/4 of a inch in and made marks then you can drill or ream holes. .040 styrene bends very easily so if you have a contour in the body you can put a slight bend in the styrene.

now put the armor on the body and use as a template for your holes. finish with your favorite lurc scale bolts and this is the finished product, much better in my opinion.
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